When a Bird Flies Away
November 5, 2018
December 4, 2018


Formalities of a sinking ship

Despair of a forgetful youth

The cloak of gasp surrounds its prey as if it was a dinner meal

Shaken in an understatement of loss

The ship sinks underneath her sail; leaving the crew beneath her bosom

Each tiny breath more valuable than the first

Voices of the deep cry out for each

Each in their own must choose; the choice is theirs alone

The choice is death in the deep or risk to walk alone

The walk is long and hard; most don’t understand

Most don’t see the light, even when it is as vast as sight

When will they recognize the noose

Will they see it before it chokes

What is more valuable than life

How do we exchange the warmth of light

Bartering for one is misery in another

Yet again and again we choose the darkness of the deep

A trade not worthy for us to make

Yet again we miss the value of light; what a cost we cannot pay

No monetary value will ever be placed on that third day

In all of hells places in all the kingdoms within

No ruler to be found but everyone knows Him

His visit was short, and the defeat was great

Yet again we choose the opposite of our born fate

Hell, the true darkness of the deep

Hell, true hell are the ears we made deaf

No longer the sounds of shame are heard

Forgiveness came like a thief in the night

Pride was born and choked all humbleness in sight

Forgetful, forgetful of the time we knew true light

-Ernest Curry

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