When a Bird Flies Away

Empty Wind: Here and now, what is to come?
October 28, 2018
November 24, 2018

When a Bird Flies Away

Peaceful as we watch the bird, spread its wings; as it dances amongst the window scene
Watching it run the race of life; hoping it finds the seeds in sight
Willfully traveling to places unseen, it takes flight and spreads its wings

Even with the unknown in sight; again, it takes to the night
Grace is shown to those alone; the ones who take flight into the unknown
Far from hope the brave are known; the task at hand is not always shown

There comes a day when wings will fray; when taking flight is hard to obey
Your travels long and the pain unknown, but the love of life keeps its own
Lift up your head you weary one; the love of light has just begun

Long awaited the days of old, to that moment when it’s called
A beautiful embrace surrounds the one, who’s flight was never forestalled
Caught in a faith that grace abounds; till it hears those trumpets sound

-Ernest Curry

Dedicated to Mama Joyce, I will never forget the days we spent watching the red birds bathe and talking about life

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