November 24, 2018
A Season of True Hope
December 24, 2018


For the one who knows the whisper, a memory can never be forsaken
To the one who knows the smell, a connection is made
Forever bound to an eternity deserved; Forever bound to the one who owns the soul
Life and light are eternal but cannot be achieved as a prize, it is given freely to one who seeks


Calm as the day turns into night
Peace when a last breath is taken
Transition from night to day
The recognition of first site at birth


Revelation and tranquility are found in true life; not earned but found is the peace of this world
Formations of people go readily to seek misery, no uncertain reason for why they continue
Money makes the world go around; deceit of the wealthy that blind many
So quick to forget gravity which holds us in place; on an axis a revolution occurs daily


Morning to night and night to day
The sun rises the sun sets
Why are the miracles so easy to over look
Why are we too stubborn to see


For the one who knows the whisper, a relationship is forged
To the one who knows the smell, a synapse script is forever written
Spinning daily without ever feeling flight; what else is missed in plain sight
To each his own, but the consequences remain the same


Death without knowing true life
Life without designed purpose
Wondering lost each and every day
Contemplating on the reality


Sought out truths cannot forge a reality
Truth is in plain sight uncorrupted by human design
Intangible and unexplainable it is felt not proven
Love untouchable yet willing to trade for life

-Ernest Curry

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