Man My Creation
September 12, 2017
October 4, 2017
Before God laid the foundations of the earth; He created an assistant to ensure every measure was carefully thought of. Wisdom was with God and He created her before the rest. Like an apprentice with foresight, she watched in amazement as the Father spoke existence into the universe. Like a painter, He painted stroke by stroke until the masterpiece was complete. Beauty was given a name. Similar to a child, wisdom took note of His ways. She knows His why, She knows the end.

Not only did He give a savior but He gives wisdom to those who seek her name. We must be prepared for such a gift. For trials and hardships come as a tool for learning not punishment. Could you be wise if it was freely given? Our strength comes from experience and the trials ensures growth. Wisdom comes in unique forms but it is not the storm that defines us. It is the person after the turmoil, who is stronger in nature.
Our ministry will not always come easy; even Jesus carried His cross. When you ask for God to give wisdom know that the best is yet to come. But work must done before maturity  can set in. He uses His tools to prepare us for what we will face once our challenges begin. Remember the universe was dark before God gave it light.

“I was like a child by His side. I was delighted everyday, enjoying His presence all the time”-Wisdom,

Proverbs 8:22


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