A Letter

The Woven Web of Life
October 22, 2017
Why one is so important to leave the ninety-nine
December 21, 2017

Today I write, to remind all first and foremost God is love. He provides substance in the absence of nourishment. Comfort in the absence of assurance. To Him be all the glory in Christ Jesus. He gave us the Greatest gifts to share and proclaim to the world. Mercy, Peace and Love.

To whom know of His name? But in trouble all call out for His help. Creation knows Him but refuses the truth because they love the ease of the shadow. For even the angels who went astray are lost, so shall we if we do not walk in His light and with His truth. For the only truth in this wilderness is Christ. Many will come and many will go but His endurance is prevailing to the end, and then He will come for the persecuted and meek.

When He talks, listen, for to claim ignorance as if He never said a word is blasphemy. Wake up with the Lord in prayer and in truth. Set your day in Him from the rising sun to the rest of night. For the ones who seek a sign or miracle, believe the Father knew your need before the request. For it is written adulterous generations will demand for a sign. But remember the sun rises and the sun sets, for that is one of the greatest signs to a believer that another day is gifted to us for His work and glory. It is a miracle of His mercy in a generation of lust and greed.  But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Discipleship is a journey that we must work at before perfection can be seen. What would righteousness be without trials at its foundation? It would be a house built on sand that would wash away in very sign of trouble or fear. It could not endure the battles of darkness and the wars of the mind. Don’t lose your foot hold for we are close to the return of our King. Keep your focus and endure the hardships of this world. Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one left. Matthew 24:40 Be ready, keep pushing on, keep up the good fight.

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