Empty Wind: Here and now, what is to come?

Favor: Gifts from above…
October 28, 2018
When a Bird Flies Away
November 5, 2018

Empty Wind

Here and now, what is to come? Times to be and the sands of unknown.
To what is counted, to what is shown? Where are the truths and the patterns or proof?
The powers of false, the powers of darkness, as a lion they lurk, their prey is hopeless. Unknown to them their pride fools the soul. Where is the truth, where is the toll? Lost. Lost. All is lost. Destined to fulfill the goals set by each, his own destiny is foresight by human design. Where is the intent of a creator’s mind? When will we know to each his own, when will we know that all is without home. Homeless from within, the master is absent. What a sad thing to think, what a sad life without laughter. Visualizing a poor person by wealth and home, missing daily the poor in spirit as they walk alone. Absent. Absent. The Master is without servant. No task to give, no task to deliver. These are but missed opportunities, just as the arrow that never left its quiver. No target in mind, unknown to sight, just missed opportunities that failed to take flight. Empty as the wind, no weight left behind, but are we sure that wasn’t by design? Develop a world where worship comes first. Create a person who deserves the worst. By design they do not worship but who amongst them will choose Him first. To His surprise some have chosen, a life full of trials to trade for miles. Miles of wisdom and a relationship within. To the very few who truly know Him. Empty. Empty as the wind, many will go without ever knowing Him.

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