Man My Creation

Sowing to Reap
October 21, 2017
October 21, 2017
Exposure to the dwelling of evil and its ways of trickery… A foul smell lingers amongst your house. Like Fire and water the battle of principalities and good is the mixture of your presence. Like a foundation built on sand it will be unstable all of its days, for not until the bedrock of my Lord is found will a sturdy structure be present.

True peace cannot be obtained within the riches of a world that is lost. For since the days of old it has been lost in self and preservation of idols. For why is it so inherent that one survives the days and hours to an earthly life? Is it because their spirit knows their end destination? Even if their spirit is of good or evil both like oil and vinegar knows of the fire. For neither can save the one made in the image of the beginning and the end. They must come into the presence of a slain lamb, the one pure sacrifice of all times, but who knows this man? Why must we rebuke him all of his days? To include the days, he serves at the right hand of God. We must think we are of the same purity as gems or precious metals, to think we can live without his direction. How can we navigate the ship of life without the spirit as our guide? Understand the days of gnashing of teeth are near, wake up and come into the house of my Lord. For the Lord of my Lord will graciously serve you the substance of life or death. Pity to your house to think you had anything to do with your own accolades. Blessed is the poor for the kingdom of riches will be theirs but the gate is narrow as the entrance of the forsaken will be wide. The prince of flies will graciously take his worldly offering to serve his darkness for all eternity. What sadness they know nothing of. What tears on their behalf will be shed for their spirit? They will cry out for him but he has forgotten them. Because they fought to never know his truth. Truly, I say to you, it is a skill to ignore the thoughts of the spirit. Does a child not know right from wrong? So, then what shall the Father say to them on the Day of Judgment?

Forgiveness from the Father is priceless compared to the cost of sin. To hear of his glory and continuance of your ways is to be worse off than to have ever heard his name. Does one in hunger accept food, just to throw it to the swine? Disgrace! Why did you ever take the substance! Mercy we have never known you. Who calls a man wise without the guidance of Lord? For one day, he praises him and the next he forsakes him. Like the tides of an ocean, he knows nothing of his own blood. For what cause, should he spill his own blood? Would it be in vain? Life’s substance drains so quickly from the wounds of this world. We are deteriorating daily but never see the days are numbered and the hours are few. If we knew this would we act different? Would we learn of his love and give it freely? Like crops in a midst of a drought, yet the water is full and stored close by. Selah! We cannot begin to understand your glory, for we overlook it daily. Yet if noticed, why do we still act amongst the control of fear and his lies! Prayer could not be harder for them but they have to seek with their own hunger or he will never accept them. For man, must feed himself the fruits of the spirit to be truly free. One cannot curse a mother, father, brother, sister or spouse without loving themselves more. A lover of self is like a cancerous spot within the body. It will grow in darkness and devour the whole. Fight the dwelling of evil because he wants to rest inside you to keep from the place he is destined to go.

He begs for you to join them because the suffering is terrible and who would want to sit in their suffering alone. Wake up precious world for you have been made in an image of perfection. There will be enough space for everyone to join him, for our place is prepared before us. Yet, in the end, vacancy will be there. His love for us created this place we call home; in him we have an eternal destination. Without him we are blinded by trickery and deceit. Even the unbeliever cries out for him in times of distress.


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